Sheila O’Flanagan’s novels are always fabulous options for those who love a little chick-lit (don’t we all?). In Her Husband’s Mistake, perfect couple Roxy and Dave McMenamin first kissed when Roxy was 16, and they’ve been in love ever since. They have a great marriage and wonderfully happy life. Until the morning after Roxy’s father’s funeral, when she walks in on Dave in bed with their next door neighbour. Time, it seems, for Roxy to make some big, life-changing decisions. Lovely, warm, funny … a wonderful book for a weekend read. Headline UK, R325

Oh. A new Catherine Alliott novel. Yay! Just the thing for a chilly weekend curled up on the sofa with a box of biscuits. In A Cornish Summer, Flora’s been in love with her husband, Hugo, for two decades. Just a small problem … for 15 of those years he’s been married to someone else. Now she’s been invited to paint her ex-father-in-law at the family home in Cornwall. It promises to be a blissful summer … except for her awful ex-mother-in-law, and … oops … it appears her ex-husband and his (admittedly lovely) second wife are going to be there too. Not so blissful after all. A few lovely twists, great characters, many laugh-out-loud passages and you’ve a brilliant chick-lit read. LOVED it! Penguin, R290

A nine month old baby is hard work. Sleep deprived Carolina and uncommunicative Aksel are having a tough time, but know things will get better. One evening they go to sleep, Carolina thinking ‘we have thousands of days ahead of us’ … but they don’t. Aksel dies in his sleep, leaving Carolina’s world upside down. Based on author Carolina Setterwall’s own experiences, Let’s Hope For The Best is all about life’s small moments. It’s about motherhood and family, love and death. An emotional, honest, unforgettable read. Bloomsbury, R295

Also look out for the best Jack Ryan thriller yet!

Tom Clancy’s Oath of Office, written by Marc Cameron, is a roller-coaster of heart-stopping action … a thriller that will get your adrenalin going from the first chapter to the last. When US President Jack Ryan asks his new Secretary of Homeland Security what frightens him, Mark Dehart answers ‘Three things’. Which three? ‘Any three. If they all happen at the same time.’ From a quiet beach in Portugal where a beautiful woman kills a French arms dealer, to protests against the oppressive regime in Iran, to the Russian troops and ships massing on the borders of the Ukraine, across the world a conspiracy is brewing … one so darkly brilliant that no-one has joined the dots. There’s a madman with a plan … a plan more devastating than President Ryan can imagine. This is the latest (and may well be the best) in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series. Penguin, R275