Too cold to garden? Lift your spirit with these special plants and lovely accessories that can be used to turn a patio into a welcoming little paradise.

We’re planting…

Pansy ‘Halloween’ because it is not your usual pansy, and the name says it all. The extra-large flowers are pure black and lightly perfumed. A real novelty for the garden, it stands out if planted alongside other bright orange pansies. For winter to spring flowering, plant in full sun to bring out the black shades. The large plants (20cm high and wide) show up well in containers, or as an accent plant in garden beds, with spring bulbs, or other bright winter annuals. Pant in well-composted soil that drains well, water regularly and fertilise once a month. For more information:

Indoor / patio plant of the month…

Anthurium are virtually indestructible and almost never without flowers. We love soft pink, the colour of a flamingo, which is the other name for anthurium. Plants like a warm room and bright light, but not direct sunlight. Let the soil dry out moderately between watering. If the leaves turn yellow (but not brown and withered), this may be a sign of overwatering. Anthurium plants are long lasting indoor plants that also help to keep the air clean, especially in winter. The heart-shaped flowers and glossy leaves add a tropical touch, just pop the plant in a simple, elegant container for instant décor. For more information:

Garden tasks for june

• Plant out winter flowering annuals like pansies, violas, petunias (summer rainfall areas) alyssum, and fairy primulas.
• Love lilies? Plant bulbs from now until August, in slightly acid soil that drains well.
• Water once a week and fertilise once a month. Spring flowering bulbs should not be allowed to dry out; water for forty minutes every four days.
• Dead head poppies, calendula, and sweet peas to encourage new flowers. Cut down cannas and dahlias. Tidy up other perennials. Shrubs and trees can be lightly trimmed to let in more sun.
• This is the best month to move or plant summer-flowering shrubs, rose bushes, perennials and even small trees.
• Repot outdoor container plants.
• Water lawns once a month and fertilise once a month in frost free subtropical areas. Remove weeds by hand or with a targeted weed killer.
• Protect tender or semi-tender plants from frost with frost guard cloth.
• Spray preventatively for conifer aphid with an organic insecticide but make sure that the spray reaches the inner trunk and foliage. Insecticide granules can also be sprinkled around the base of the conifer.

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