“… I believe with yoga and meditation one can learn to grab those happy moments.”

In today’s hurried life, women, men and even children are increasingly suffering from stress and anxiety, forgetting to notice the little things that can make one happy. Hartbeespoort yoga instructor, Marie van Zyl believes yoga and meditation can help, especially women and children, deal with those daily stresses and teach one to find the happiness in the moment.

“I experienced it and I see mothers and children experience it in my classes. I find it extremely sad to see how people struggle to be happy and I believe with yoga and meditation one can learn to grab those happy moments.”

Marie discovered the healing influence of yoga and meditation a couple of years ago after her mother died. “I was devastated, and I couldn’t seem to get my life back on track. And then I read about mindfulness and bringing your attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. I had a moment of total joy and it was in that moment that I decided to pursue a yoga career. I wanted to share that moment with those who need it.”

She completed a yoga course and opened her popular studio in Hartbeespoort last year. Besides her adult classes, she has recently started with yoga classes for children from age five. “When I took my daughter to school for the first time this year, I was shocked by the hurried pace even these little ones are subjected to. I couldn’t believe that even six- and seven-year-olds were suffering from anxiety. And the moms! I felt it too. One has to have something to alleviate these unavoidable feelings of stress and anxiety and I think many people will find that in a meditation and yoga regime. I know I cannot do without it. Yoga makes you aware and if you are aware, you are aware of everything. Sometimes it is painful, but it also enables you to see the beauty that we normally miss. It gives peace and serenity.”

And it is good exercise. “I was a gym bunny and always thought yoga was too tame, but it is not. Just try it and you’ll see. It is anything except tame…”

She teaches two yoga classes a day and at 04:00 every morning she is up, preparing for her day with a yoga and meditation workout. “I need that, it prepares me for the day ahead. I urge people to just try it once. Ninety percent are hooked afterwards.”

Marie believes it is of the utmost importance to constantly work at achieving a state of happiness and that yoga contribute to this. “If you cannot be happy, what the heck…”


• Strength, stamina, agility, balance and flexibility are all increased, thus improving physical/sporting performance.
• Mental health improves, yoga and meditation enhance memory and cognitive functioning
• Decreases stress, depression and anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being.
• Body weight normalises –Stress is known to cause obesity and fuel virtually all disease, and yoga is a perfect counter measure.
• Improves digestive health, blood pressure, immune function and asthma symptoms.
• Regulates and balances the hormonal system.
• Yoga decreases inflammation at the cellular level and improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
• Pain reduction: Yoga naturally reduces pain. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine headaches or back pain, yoga has been proven to effectively reduce pain from all these ailments. It teaches you how to turn down the volume control on your pain.
• Respiratory efficiency Increases: increased lung capacity, more tidal volume (the total amount of air your lungs can hold at any one time), and the ability to reduce/control the pace of breathing which has been directly linked to a longer lifespan.
• Detoxes the body: Yoga is recommended behavioural therapy for smoking cessation and substance abuse treatment.

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