Thrillers and chic-lit…

Who didn’t love The Devil Wears Prada? Now, yippee, at least one character is back. Lauren Weisberger’s latest novel, The Wives, revolves around Emily Charlton, ex-assistant to legendary (and fairly scary) fashion editor Miranda Priestly. Now Emily’s a successful stylist and image consultant to Hollywood’s stars. But, thanks to the Snapchatting millennials stealing precious business, her career’s under threat. Then when Graham Hartwell, a senator with presidential ambitions, frames and publicly dumps her old friend, Karolina, Emily winds up in Greenwich — with the client of a lifetime. He couldn’t have known what’s coming. He’s reckoned without the wives! Harper Collins, R305

We’re warning you. Once you start Her Name Was Rose, you won’t put it down. Claire Allan’s thriller is about a young woman, Emily, who by letting a stranger step in front of her, changes her life forever. The stranger was Rose, who steps out in front of a car and is instantly killed. This young mother has a beautiful loving family, a great job and lovely home. Now there’s a husband who misses her, and a son who needs his mother. Everything Emily’s ever wanted, actually. So why not fill the empty space? But Emily discovers, too late, that no one’s life is really perfect … and not everything is as it appears to be. Avon, R305

You know your mother, right? Where she grew up. What her neighbours think of her. That she’d never keep a secret. Andrea thought she knew her mother, Laura, too. Until an everyday trip to the mall explodes in an act of violence, Laura’s in hospital and her face is splashed across the front page of the local papers. Suddenly Andrea’s seeing her mother in a whole new light. And if she doesn’t find out about all the secrets Laura’s been keeping, things are going to get much worse. In Pieces of Her, Karin Slaughter, as always, grips from first page to last. Harper Collins, R305

Bridget’s happy. She loves her husband and son, has her own business and a life that’s small and safe. Exactly what she wants. Until one day, Anthony, the music teacher who abused her when she was young, walks into her shop with a young teenager he’s clearly grooming. Wanting to ensure she doesn’t bring up events from the past, Anthony starts stalking her. Then she snaps! Christobel Kent’s What We Did turns disturbing subject matter into a psychological thriller. Sphere, R315

Seven-year-old Riley is a clever child, and curious about a lot of things. Mostly about why others don’t see her the way she sees herself. When she tells her parents, Sally and Theo, that she feels uncomfortable in her own skin, Sally wants to support her by helping her be who she dreams of being. Theo resists; he thinks Riley is simply pushing boundaries. Both believe theirs is the only way to protect Riley and keep her safe, which pushes their relationship to breaking point. This Child of Ours by Saide Pearse is current, relevant and thought-provoking. Sphere, R315.

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